Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Someday I would like to travel around the world. Will it happen, maybe not. But its nice to see videos and beautiful pictures of what its like to be, for example in Cuba. My fascination has inspire me to write about what it would be like to travel. Alright guy, lets begin...

Keep in mind what I believe is inspired by my own creation of what would be like to travel. OK Daddy, ok Daddy, ok Daddy, reading is intimately what gets me excited about living. This guy has inspire me to be the best person I can be. Different people, places, trying to learn a new language is what traveling is all about for me. People it can be for you to if you like what I'm writing. I need to travel more because this world isn't working for me. I can't explain how awesome Cuba is in real life. Someone come get me right now. Life is to short for  exploring.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

The Jones Girls (Us Jones Girls)

Being alone allows me to daydream about how nice it would be to have a space like this. I wonder how it would feel to live like this. Hmm.... hopefully that day would come. My life is a broken record right now. Teenage life sucks with a college degree. I lost my job not too long ago and no friends around for support. I'm so glad to have my mom and dad around for support. They said, life was not easy as it was in my day. Each day I feel guilty or not good enough. What to do in a world where life is so hard. My sister is not feeling to good and my brother the same way. I have no friends because life has not been good to me. But wait, I am not giving up. Hard work is the key to success. Don't downplay what is given to you. Make the best of what been placed in your life. I may be wrong, maybe not. This is what I think how my life is like right now. Hold on people, my big sister is on the phone. She is asking about candy. Us Jones girls live some candy guys. I wish someone can give us Jones girls some candy or maybe a very nice beautiful bed. My brother Joseph is the best everyone. He been there for me since my freshman year in college. There's no greater man like him. I hope to marry someone as great as my brother Joseph, but that is in another world. Ok, guys! Its Easter and my beautiful sister Edna cooked a nice small Easter dinner. I tried cooking and its not working out for me, but that's is not going to stop me. Man, I am so hungry it makes me so angry. Wow, State Farm commercial that was on a few seconds ago just made my evening so much greater than it was early while I was at church with my family. `Nicole, loves being on the phone. This is not the news or the newspaper folks. I wrote this post for a reason, to inform you all about the struggle us Jones girls goes through each day. We are doing the best we can do guys. I may be wrong or maybe its right. We are not based on life principles due to our upbringing folks. No one knows who we really are or just can't explain our paranormal lifestyle. We are just ourselves trying to be somebody that society. While growing up on my bunk bed I always wonder how will I ever make it out of my paranormal house. It seems as if society has forgotten what it feels like to be left out. I hated growing up, but had to fake it in order to keep my parents happy. Sadly, that was not enough. Us Jones girls would work all night long while in high school. The Marketing degree I graduated with at University of Alabama in the year of 2015 has given me an outlook of what was not given to me. I was played as a fool while fighting for what was taken away. One day I pray to the most high for the truth to be reveal to me. Yeah, all jokes aside folks. Us Jones girls especially me Naomi do not know the truth. Maybe I do or not! Just voicing my feelings. Come on guys, I've been longing for this for so long. Happy Easter... But wait, please don't copy my blog theme. Its a cheer up blog not an app or a video game. I maybe right or wrong. For now its a blog. If you have any suggestions please email Erin Luck at People need to learn where they fit in as a whole in society. I've notice that some of my posts has been deleted or added someone else. My videos and pictures are not to be shared with anyone other than my intermediate family. Friends are not in the picture as of right now because of my paranormal lifestyle. If you would like to join me please email Erin Luck. Yes! This is Erin Luck. I've notice over the years that my intermediate family are having a hard time right now and we are being made fun of by society. Please come to me with the nonsense. Again folks... I maybe wrong or slightly right. Hopeless females are wanting to look just like the star girl Naomi Jones. It is confusing society as a whole. My family needs help, but its not our turn yet. So for now I am writing this blog because I have nothing to do as of right now. I thank the most high for my intermediate family. Us Jones girls especially has a lot to offer for y'all hopeless females. I maybe right or once again wrong. As a blogger its short of difficult to find where you are in life. I done several good deeds and still no nice bed. Who out there knows or feel what its like to not have a nice bed. My body is too beautiful to sleep on a trunk, that's including a bunk bed. I sure hope this coming July that I will not have to go back to my bunk bed lifestyle. That would be the life of me. Sometimes my poor hopeless Mother would wake me up late at night just to make sure I am not angry. Oh gosh! I am related to some folks that has never really been in my life. Who knows I could be from a different planet because these folks are acting as if nothing is going on with Us Jones girls. Us Jones girls cannot stand when people act so differently around us. I guess this is just another test from the most high to see if we are ready for what's good that is coming for Us Jones girls. Hard life is not for everyone. Its for people who are not willing to wait for what is suppose to be given to you. Some of us whine and moan just enough to get our way. Surely that should be enough but sadly it's not. We waited and waited but no luck yet. Well I know what you guys are thinking, what is going on with this girl. This girl right here wants to know the truth. I cannot emphasize enough how Us Jones girls are frustrated right now. My brother wants me to volunteer at our Sunday bible school. Alright guys... hard life isn't over for me. What is going on with society when it comes down to my upbringing. Suppose I can just get a job at Home Depot working as a cashier when I can be a Manager. Not so easy when you were brought up differently. You have to climb up the corporate ladder just like the rest of ya'll well to do people. As of right now I am leaning how to live. My brother and sister thinks I have a mental disorder due to wanting to jump the rope so quickly. For some reason I do not know what my mental health is. All I can say is that I have not been living as right as I should. Self control has helped me throughout the years. Life is so complex and scary at the same time. I don't know if Us Jones girls can make it out here, especially me because I don't fit in anywhere. Feel free to comment below as you please. Lets not make a big deal about this girl here because she has not been living like she should. I love my body but not my soul. Make me a believer not a fool just as you see on TV. Reading this post will make you laugh and I will not take that. What I will not take is to be taken as a fool. I want to be taken seriously. Looked at seriously and to be respected as well. Excuse me for being so hopeless to a point that my life is hard to figure out. I want my life to be display as worth not worthless. Please leave the suggestions in the comment box. Its me Erin Luck! Yes... I am still writing this long boring post because Us Jones girls are have not been living as we should have years ago. Society thinks that Us Jones girls are a joke. Could this be another lie from whoever it may be? Reading this post should not get you angry, but make you aware of who Us Jones girls are.  Many people cannot stand being played just like a fool. My brother made some chocolate cake and I am not in the mood for it. What I am in the mood for is to know the truth as to why Us Jones girls are not where we should be in society. This is not the end of my hopeless story. Vanilla frosting is what I preferred. Excuse me for writing so weird and strange. Remember...  Us Jones girls have not been living like we should of been ten years ago. Blame it on just about anything that life throws at ya including the hopeless. Its been two hours since I've been writing this very long unusual post. Yeah, now and then I would excuse myself just to take a 30 minute break. My life has been a world full of excuses and secrets. For those I betrayed from the past, please forgive me. This is all I have to share, I hope.

KYS (KnowYourself)